As the end of my DMA program looms in the horizon, I’ve started reflecting on my past musical training. I’m sure this isn’t the end of my education, but it will likely be the last time I’m officially enrolled as a university student (though a superlative masters in choral conducting keeps tempting me…). I’ve been thinking a bit about my undergraduate experience especially, nearly half a life ago, and have been returning to some music and ideas I’ve always loved and never fully explored or got enough of.

This recital is partly about getting some quality documentation of ‘traditional’ singing for upcoming job applications and my general portfolio, but it’s also¬†returning to those ideas, ¬†and celebrating my formal education as a singer especially.

I’ll be performing a decent variety of pieces including a few baroque tunes as a counter-tenor (a voice type I’ve always been fascinated by) a Vaughan Williams song cycle (my favorite art-song composer as a young musician), and a set from Jesus Christ Superstar (still my favorite musical).


Tuesday, Oct. 24th @ 8pm.

ROD Recital Hall, California Institute of the Arts


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