What lessons do you offer?Lessons

I  currently offer private lessons in voice and music writing for emerging and established artists in Los Angeles from my home in Hollywood.

Who should take lessons?

My students are mostly adults and college students, with some high school age musicians that are particularly driven and hard working.

What will I be learning?

I teach in a variety of styles and genres of music from classical and broadway to rock and jazz. I have a doctorate in vocal performance and composition, and experience singing in opera, musicals, pop music, and jazz. IYou’ll improve the most if you enjoy what you’re learning so we will work together to create a curriculum that’s just right for you and focuses on your interests in music.

How do you teach lessons?

Lessons are 55 minutes, either once or twice a week depending on the age and experience of the student. Each lesson is tailored to your individual needs whether that means learning to play music by ear, preparing for an audition, learning to read and write music, or getting ready for a night of karaoke.

How much do lessons cost?

 Each lesson is $65, or students may purchase a set of 4 lessons for $200 (to be taken over 1 month).


Fahad is hands down the best vocal instructor I’ve had the pleasure of training with. He’s professional and insightful when it comes to explaining and teaching healthy vocal technique. Thanks to his guidance and instruction I was accepted to San Jose State University as a vocalist/music major and was also offered a scholarship. This couldn’t have been possible without Fahad’s musical coaching. I highly recommend him as a vocal instructor.”

Melissa Garay (Jazz Singer – Santa Cruz, CA)

Fahad is one of the most passionate and enthusiastic teachers I have ever had! It’s so encouraging to work with a teacher that really cares, and wants you to grow as much as you possibly can. His support has helped me explore my own voice, and go past my own limits. After a couple of months, I performed for the first time as a singer, something I thought would never be possible. I have gone from being terrified of my own voice, to walking around singing all the time, which feels awesome. I feel lucky to have had the chance to work with him. His passion for teaching makes him stand out the most.”

-Ellisif Bendiksen (Actress/Model – New York, NY)

“As a dancer, I went to Fahad with zero voice training knowing I would soon be required to sing for auditions and wanted to be ready. In a kind and efficient way he magically changed my voice and rose my comfort level. He is a fantastic teacher and mentor; his passion for sharing this art is truly inspiring.”

-Kirstie Cameron (Dancer – New York, NY)

“I’ve studied music and dance all my life, and working with Fahad has been one of the best experiences I’ve had as a student. The voice is very personal and it’s hard to take risks, but Fahad created a safe and comfortable environment for me to grow. I’ve improved significantly during my time with him.”

-Nallely Alguire (Broadway Performer – New York, NY)