I currently offer private lessons in voice and composition for emerging and established artists in Los Angeles from my home in Hollywood. I teach in a variety of styles and genres of music from classical and broadway to rock and jazz. I have a doctorate in vocal performance and composition, and experience singing in opera, musicals, pop music, and jazz. You’ll improve the most if you enjoy what you’re learning so we will work together to create a curriculum that’s just right for you and focuses on your interests in music. 

Lessons are 55 minutes, either once or twice a week depending on the age and experience of the student. Each lesson is tailored to your individual needs whether that means learning to play music by ear, preparing for an audition or gig, or learning to read and write music.

Consulting for Composers & Performers





Fahad is hands down the best vocal instructor I’ve had the pleasure of training with. He’s professional and insightful when it comes to explaining and teaching healthy vocal technique. Thanks to his guidance and instruction I was accepted to San Jose State University as a vocalist/music major and was also offered a scholarship. This couldn’t have been possible without Fahad’s musical coaching. I highly recommend him as a vocal instructor.”

Melissa Garay; Jazz Singer, Santa Cruz, CA

“I’ve studied music and dance all my life, and working with Fahad has been one of the best experiences I’ve had as a student. The voice is very personal and it’s hard to take risks, but Fahad created a safe and comfortable environment for me to grow. I’ve improved significantly during my time with him.”

-Nallely Alguire; Broadway Performer, New York, NY

“Working with Fahad gave me the confidence to articulate and own my dreams – the real dreams, not the ones I decided were attainable or ‘good enough’. With him, I’ve developed organizational systems that are helping me to build integrity with myself, support my own long-term goals, and be kinder to myself in the process. He brings with him familiarity and experience from a variety of music careers and can help you make those important moves toward doing more of what you love!” 

– Breana Gilcher; Oboist, Los Angeles, CA

“The energy and intelligence Fahad brings to everything he has done for C4 is extraordinary. With his positive attitude toward all possibilities, he’s led the group over milestone after milestone growing our finances and audience WAY beyond what it had been before we worked with him.”
– Tim Brown; Conductor & Composer, New York, NY
“Fahad brings a keen organizational sense, true community-mindedness, and genuine vision to his work with C3LA And he does so with unending energy, warmth, and good humor. Fahad had been, at every step of the way, integral to the group’s growth and success, and it is an absolute pleasure both to do business and to make music with him.”
-David Rentz; Conductor & Composer, Los Angeles, CA