For years I’ve had ambitions of working with a regular vocal sextet to do the music from some of my favorite composers like Meredith Monk and Toby Twining. There’s something about this particular configuration that feels like magic, or maybe it’s this particular group of singers. They’re all members of C3LA as well, and most of them also work with ensembles like the LA Master Chorale, LA Opera, etc.

Our first real concert is going to be next week for my 2nd DMA recital at CalArts. (Feb. 15th, 8pm in the Wild Beast) But we’ll be doing a few more events in the next month or so including a lecture/recital at the Eureka! conference at CSU Fullerton and C3LA’s March shows.

The show on Feb. 15th will be live streamed (and then live on the internet forever after) so if you want to check it out, you can do so HERE


The Program will include

Excerpts from Pierrot, Fahad Siadat

Dolmen Music, Meredith Monk

Hymn, Toby Twining

Hee-oo-hm-ha, Toby Twining

Hymn to Aethon, Fahad Siadat

The Vast Sea (black waves, green foam), Fahad Siadat


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