Composition Lessons

I regularly work with classical composers, electronic artists, and singer-songwriters, especially those interested in exploring how to write effective music for the voice. Lessons in music composition and songwriting are focused around developing a strong sense of craft (an understanding of idiomatic writing for various instruments, musical form, part-writing, etc.) and the individual voice of the creative artist. While the majority of lesson time is used for refining your work as a composer, time is also spent exploring and analyzing other pieces and exposing you to new ideas that might influence your work.


• Package 1 – $225 for 4 sessions, 50 min each (to be used within 5 weeks) 

• Package 2 – $240 for 8  sessions, every other week

Business Consulting for Composers & Performers

I’ve been teaching voice and composition lessons for classical artists and songwriters for 15 years, and what I’ve learned during that time is honing your craft is only half of the picture to reaching your artistic goals. Today’s artists need to be savvy entrepreneurs as well as excellent musicians.

These consultations in music business are about creating clearly defined, accomplishable goals; building strong, consistent work habits so you can reach those goals; developing an understanding of your brand; how to reach a bigger audience; and learning the necessary financial and production logistics of being a working artist. 

Today’s artists are multi-faceted, and while most of my clients come in for one of these services, it’s not usually too long before we start working on all of them. 


• Initial consultation (30 min) – $25 (free when you sign up for a package)

• Individuals Sessions – $65 Each 

• Package 1 for Individual Artists- $225 for 4 sessions, 1 hr each (to be used within 5 weeks) 

• Package 2 for Individual Artists- $275 for 8  sessions, alternating 1 hr sessions and 15 min accountability phone calls (over two months) 


“As a creative, I often have ten different ideas floating around in my head that end up just overwhelming me. With Fahad’s guidance, however, I am able to extract those ideas and form achievable goals with measurable steps to actually realize them. Fahad is supportive of my artistic work, but more than that – he teaches me to support myself, and to be an advocate for my own work. Since working with Fahad, I have self-produced and released an album of all my own music, booked countless gigs for my band and produced four different music videos. I’m no longer sitting around waiting for someone to do these things for me – because I have goals that are clearly laid out, achieving them seems like something I can do myself.”

-Molly Pease; vocalist & composer, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Fahad gave me the confidence to articulate and own my dreams – the real dreams, not the ones I decided were attainable or ‘good enough’. With him, I’ve developed organizational systems that are helping me to build integrity with myself, support my own long-term goals, and be kinder to myself in the process. He brings with him familiarity and experience from a variety of music careers and can help you make those important moves toward doing more of what you love!” 


– Breana Gilcher; Oboist, Los Angeles, CA

Fahad is hands down the best vocal instructor I’ve had the pleasure of training with. He’s professional and insightful when it comes to explaining and teaching healthy vocal technique. Thanks to his guidance and instruction I was accepted to San Jose State University as a vocalist/music major and was also offered a scholarship. This couldn’t have been possible without Fahad’s musical coaching. I highly recommend him as a vocal instructor.”

Melissa Garay; Jazz Singer, Santa Cruz, CA

“I’ve studied music and dance all my life, and working with Fahad has been one of the best experiences I’ve had as a student. The voice is very personal and it’s hard to take risks, but Fahad created a safe and comfortable environment for me to grow. I’ve improved significantly during my time with him.”

-Nallely Alguire; Broadway Performer, New York, NY